15 Smallest Cars of All Time (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of the 15 smallest cars ever made, and now we’re back with part two! Though many cars are celebrated for their large size, these cars are seriously impressive for their size on the other end of the spectrum. We’re beginning with number seven and counting all the way down to number one!

Number Seven: Piaggio Vespa 400. Though most people think of Vespas as two-wheeled vehicles, this car is also technically a Vespa. It measures 112.2″ x 43.3″ x 50″ and has a top speed of fewer than 52 miles per hour.

Number Six: Goggomobil Dart. This bizarre vehicle is small and sporty, not to mention that it weighs a paltry 849 pounds. It measures 120″ x 54″ and has a variable height, depending on whether it is used as a convertible or not. It was produced in Australia from 1959 to 1961.

Number Five: Fuldamobil. This adorable car vaguely resembles an insect and is barely big enough to fit one inside. The two wheels in the back of the car are just one inch apart from each other, and only 123 of them were ever built. It is 112″ long and has a top speed of 47 miles per hour.

Number Four: Autobianchi Bianchina. The Autobianchi Bianchina is the luxury vehicle in the market of small cars. It has a plush interior and chromatic exterior that make it look very appealing. It measures 117.5″ x 53″ x 52″ and was produced from 1957 – 1970.

Number Three: Iso Isetta. Though the Iso Isetta is most well-recognized as a BMW, in reality it was licensed by Iso, an Italian company. The car has just one door that people can use to get in and out. The Iso Isetta measures 90″ x 50.1″ and weighs just 794 pounds.

Number Two: Commuter Cars Tango. Can you believe this car only has one seat?! Not to mention it has a ridiculously strange appearance. It is roughly as wide as a motorcycle and measures 101″ x 39″. However, what’s most impressive about this car is its ability to accelerate. These little guys can go from zero to 60 in less than four seconds.

Number One: Peel P50. Finally, the world’s smallest car is the Peel P50. Measuring just 54″ x 41″, surprisingly, these cars are still on the market! However, something to note is that these cars are not able to go in reverse.