“Hold Still” for Slow Magic’s New Album

Slow Magic

Hold Still”

new album

How To Run Away

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How to Run Away

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Our favorite track off of the  “”  album  (a truly un-searchable title, to be honest) is beach-house track Corvette Cassette (watch the slightly psychedelic video here). Much like your imaginary friend, Slow Magic is known for keeping a low profile, and sports a colorful animal mask in any public appearances. Mysterious and masked,  you’ll find it hard to describe both the person behind the music and the music itself. With no lyrics to go by, the sound fits under the vast umbrella of ‘electronic’ music. It’s escapist and transcendent, both upbeat and wistful. It’s the type of music that facilitates blissed-out chilling,  or that could serve as a soundtrack for late night drives or study sessions.

When asked how to describe his sound, Slow Magic says there’s always trouble placing genres: ” I just kind of want to make music that embodies this playful, crazy thing that nobody really understands.” As far as lyrics goes, he says that ideally his music will be “universal — anyone who speaks any language can relate….I feel like some people can still sing along because there are some vocals but not very many words.”

“Hold Still” here

“Girls” here

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