Slipknot Frontman Talks About the New Album

Four years into the death of Slipknot‘s Paul Gray, Corey Taylor, the metal band’s frontman, talks about the possibility of releasing a new album immediately right after .5: The Gray Chapter. The singer reportedly said that the band are talking about it [new album] and further titillates that only time will tell if there is indeed one coming out.

Currently, Slipknot is touring around UK with Korn and KING 810 for their .5: The Gray Chapter album. Tickets are already sold out in Glasgow and London for their January 18th and 23rd shows, respectively.

This only proves that Slipknot continues to have a healthy and thriving fan base as the loss of Paul Gray and the exit of Joey Jordison did not cause any irreparable strain on the band’s musical developments. A lot of excitement for the band’s tour has been brewing ever since Taylor took Larry King by surprise when the singer donned his new gore-looking mask. This, of course, is good news for the fans, and also explains the sold-out tickets in Glasgow and London.

In a promotional interview, Taylor expressed his immense excitement over the string of upcoming tours that are not only happening in the UK but also those covering over a huge part of Europe as well. He said, “We were just talking about this, about how Slipknot just seem to get bigger, which I never would have thought. I mean, how are we getting bigger!? It’s crazy and we are very appreciative.”

With the addition of Korn on the stage, Slipknot’s already massive following will surely continue to expand as fans of the metal scene will be served with nothing less than an epic scream fest on stage. Despite of the recent bludgeons, Slipknot rose to the occasion incredibly well as evidenced by its newest album, having gone straight to the top spot in the US and Japan – a feat only a very few number of extreme metal bands have touched. There’s no wondering why Slipknot has been existing around the corner, continuously creating metal music through the years. They’ve exceeded whatever “metal music standard” there may be out there. They’re trendsetters.