Skye Holland: ‘Ignite’ Single Review

From the beautiful coast of Victoria, B.C. comes Skye Holland’s newest single, “Ignite.” Packed with dance-driving emotion, this song is sure to make you embrace your inner fire. Turn the volume up and gear down to this hot new single.

With so many new voices in pop these days, it can be hard to differentiate whose voice is who. Skye Holland displaces her voice in “Ignite” to sound different. We are met with a comfortably high vocal, combined with very easy listening. There are no surprises in her voice, which makes the vocals collaborate with the instrumental well. Oftentimes, artists corrupt their vocals with too many tonal changes. Skye keeps it on the same level, which helps any listener sing along with ease.

Lyrics can either make or break a song. Whether you are trying to be very metaphorical and confuse the hell out of people, or decide to repeat the same phrase a billion times over, it can be costly to take too many risks with the lyrics. What I noticed in “Ignite” is that the lyrics are straightforward. Like singing to a metronome, everything is on time and not over or under extending. Timing has an excellent value, as you pump out your lyrics hooks and cues at just the right moments. Without proper timing in the lyrics, the song would sound completely different. In addition, the lyrics surround a main objective, which is to “Ignite,” or to find the things in your life that complete you. Perhaps, in other circumstances, it also means motivate you to become someone you were meant to be.

The musical composition of the song had some ups and downs, as any song should. I noticed that the kick in the song seemed to be made of two sampled kicks. Now, there is nothing wrong with doing so, but it was possibly that the phase on one of kicks wasn’t flipped. Whether it was a common mistake, I don’t know. Luckily, it doesn’t take away from the song, which is always a plus. The upside of the musical composition was its clean electronic synth construction. You can hear every layer clearly. The layers that need to be dominant, like the bass, are, and the lead ARP synths are at just the right volume for a perfect filler.

Overall, I really enjoyed the song. I find it can be hard these days to be original with your music. This may be due to the massive amount of pop/dance material that is out there. Skye Holland brings us a little piece of different with “Ignite,” and I am glad she did. The demand for new music is out there, and it can be extremely hard to reach the top. I am looking forward to where her career will go. I recommend this song to the people that need that extra push; ignite your heart.