Sky White Tiger – Don’t Matter Much

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Sky White Tiger released a new music video for his song “Don’t Matter Much“. Sky White Tiger is the solo project of Louis Schwadron, formerly of Polyphonic Spree. This newer work continues in the vein of Polyphonic Spree’s sweet psych-pop vibrations, but Sky White Tiger pushes the envelope even further, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality and sending listeners into a psychedelic, smiling, nodding revery. After years of collaborating as a multi-instrumentalist with the likes of Radiohead, David Bowie, Elton John and St. Vincent, Schwadron finally took the great leap and produced his own album in 2014, called Electra. His music is a mesmerizing blend of acoustic and electronic, with a touch of the cinematic, and this video does not disappoint. I’d like to congratulate Schwadron on the production value of this imaginative little film. The costumes, jewelry, hair and makeup of all the actors is fantastical and sublime. The entire world of this video is elfish and otherworldly in the most intriguing way. It makes me think either one of two things: 1) Schwadron goes to Burning Man, or 2) Schwadron is the leader of a cult called Sky White Tiger. Either way, I’m not opposed. This music project is capable of expanding from solo to a five-piece band, performing on stages, art galleries, and planetarium domes, and the beautiful light projections in this video suggest that Schwadron’s live performances also make creative and masterful use of light. I would definitely go to such a performance, as it seems like it would be a dreamy experience.

Director: Frank De Leon-Jones
Executive Producer: Davide Monaco
Song Written and Produced by: Louis Schwadron + Chris Mayes-Wright
Mixing: Pete Min Dark Matters Collective NYC Director/Art
Direction: Frank De Leon-Jones
Director of Photography: Tony Farfalla
Production Designer: Bryan Novelle, Aimee Burg
Costume Designer: Aimee Burg
Jewelery Design: Kim Snyder and Jen Marie Dayton
Editors: Taryn Waldman, Tony Farfalla
Color Correction: Joseph Mastantuono
Projections: Levitation Theory
Hair: Elvira Gonzalez
Assistants: Jenn Blum, Carla Snow
Makeup: Stephanie Lamm
Choreographer: Hava Kaŋaŋi
On-Set Photographer: Anna Ritsch
Actors: Rachael Sykes, Yu Dy, Beck Hartke, Liz Charky, Nicole Lopez Costa, Jeramie Orton, Sophia Lucia, Apple Drysdale, Dona Daneshi, Merelyn Friedman, Sammi Shay, Dona Daneshi
Special thanks to: Evgenia Melnikova, Maria Diakova, Antonio Pulli, Daniel Geiger, Guido Carotenuto