Sky Ferreira At Odds With Polydor Records

Sky Ferreira is at odds with her record label, again. The victim of her wrath this time is her current label Polydor Records. “Me pulling teeth to get a video made from people who literally make treatments shot of my previous video with another artist,” the singer wrote on Twitter. Ferreira also accused the label of not supporting her music by claiming they wouldn’t give her a decent budget to shoot a music video. “They tried to hire every person who worked on all of them and literally replicate it. Ever heard of intellectual property? I don’t get the support I should have by now. At least have the decency to give me some support/budget/promotion for my work- if you’re going to rip off my previous work that I paid for,” her rant continued.

Ferreira also implied music executives have complained about the amount of albums she has sold, but the singer believes she sold “pretty well considering the circumstances.” She added,”Maybe I would have sold more records if I had the resources to do so.” Ferreira stated record labels need a new structure, which includes being more creative and supportive of the artists they sign. Polydor has not issued a statement in regards to Ferreira’s social media rant, but she has removed the tweets from her page. In the past, the singer has also gone after her former companies including EMI and Capitol.

Ferreira has dropped one studio album entitled Night Time, My Time two years ago (through Capitol Records). It entered the Billboard 200 at Number 45, and it charted in Australia (Number 40) and the UK (Number 73). Two singles were dropped from the project including “You’re Not the One” and “I Blame Myself.” In order to promote Night Time, My Time, Ferreira appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she was the opening act on Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour. Despite the promotion, the project undersold in the US. To date, it has sold less than 50,000 copies. Ferreira has already revealed her sophomore album will be named Masochism, but she has not given the project a release date.