Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now

Earlier this week, Skrillex & Diplo released the official music video for their latest single “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber. While I do wish that the video had an actual storyline, the concept that Skrillex and Diplo came up with is truly interesting. The video centers around Bieber, and the camera follows him as he sings the verses, the chorus, and the bridge. It begins with Bieber standing in an empty black room, looking into the camera and serenading the viewer. However, when the electronic beat comes in, all of a sudden and without warning, doodles appear all around Bieber and change in a rapid strobe effect. Some of the images and words behind him depict Bieber completing various actions such as flying through a city as Superman, writing on a scroll, and growing a tree in his hands. Others include a girl’s phone number and Selena Gomez’s name. We hope you enjoy the video, Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now.