Six60: ‘Six60 (2)’ Album Review

Six60 are back with their second self-titled album. This time, it’s more polished and has more variety than their first album, and it’s already certified Gold in their home country of New Zealand. Not bad for what could be the most Southern pop band in the world, having originated in the city of Dunedin in New Zealand’s South Island. They currently hold 10 positions in the New Zealand Single Top 20, and this is no mean feat as they are also competing against the likes of Ginny Blackmore, Lorde, Broods and Stan Walker, all of whom have multiple records to their name and have varying degrees of International success.

Six60 (2) starts off with an intro that is almost a throwback to old Fugees tracks when Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean owned the airwaves. Whichever way you look at the role of intro tracks, in this case it works perfectly for setting up the track “Stay Together.”

“Stay Together” is a great song that seems to bridge the most recent album to its predecessor, which had its success built around the chart-topping hit, “Don’t Forget Your Roots.” This brings the two albums together as if a part of a series by showing a linkage, a common thread and a theme that’s based around community of varying types.

Six60 show their variety by being able to move from pop/rock based song “White Lines,” which is almost reminiscent of some kind of Jackson Five pop/rock come back special complete with a horn section, to “Mother’s Eyes.” This track is a pop ballad with a slightly out of tune piano at the base of the whole song with a real gospel feel.

Six60 (2) has shown the band’s growth, and this album shows the variety of styles that the band is known for has developed even more. Six60 (2) covers R&B which is the strongest of the styles on this album, but also their electronica roots, rock and soul and pop. It’s this variety that has helped it captivate the hearts and minds of Kiwis.

The lead single, “So High,” is a great R&B song that covers a few styles. It’s the songs vocal hook that takes it to the next level. “Every time I’m with ya I want to get it / Every time I miss, I want to hit it.” – this song is very R&B and could even be something that could have appeared on an R. Kelly album.

“Special” is a great reggae based summer song which is ironic since in the southern hemisphere they are about to head into winter. If you like R&B pop and good vibes going into summer then you might want to make sure you add this one to your playlist. Pop infused fun that is going to last you all season, especially if you’re spending time with that special someone!

If you’re looking for some new R&B-based pop songs then this album is a great one to add to your playlists as it’s filled with enough depth of musicality with electronic and pop infusion to keep things interesting. All the way through this album, there are little licks and catches and hooks that just give you enough of a taste to keep you hanging in there with the differing styles as they merge and blend and look for new ways to paint their R&B pop landscape. There is no doubt you will come out of this album with a favourite if not a few. It’s forward thinking while being rooted firmly in the past and it’s just got a great positive vibe that you just can’t shake. The world may be looking further south for their R&B tunes if they start to take note of these guys!