Sirma – Trigger

[jwplatform gKEJUJmF]

Electronica artist Sirma’s latest video for “Trigger” is a set in a dark, celestial wonderland. Opening to a scene of the singer wandering cautiously into a small clearing in a dimly lit forest, the video immediately captures the song’s haunting atmosphere. Dressed in a white gown, she reaches her hand into a small pool of water in the clearing and studies the strange translucent orbs floating in it. Symbolism is riddled throughout, and at one point, she reaches her hand out and a candle transports itself into her grasp. As Sirma ventures further into the dark forest, she encounters sparkling creatures crawling along the floor and disorienting optical illusions. The video cuts to scenes of her singing as “Trigger” reaches its climax, and light blue, Matrix-like rain falls as she belts “pour down, pour down on me.” The video and song conclude with Sirma turning to leave the clearing after taking one last curious look into the small pool of water.

Music & Lyrics by Sırma
Arranged by Sırma
Produced by Drew Ofthe Drew
Mixed by Drew Ofthe Drew
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Vocals: Sırma
Directed by Daniel Goldhaber and Michael Bucuzzo
Produced and Edited by Daniel Goldhaber
Production Design by Michael Bucuzzo
Cinematography by Drew Levin
Special Effects and Costumes by Christina Kolozsvary
Assistant Producer: Marjorie Cantine
Assistant Cinematographer: Daniel Garber
Choreography by Kenna Tuski and Hannah Button
Hair & Makeup by Toby Klinger