Singer Lanie Lane Leaves the Music Industry

Australian singer-songwriter Lanie Lane has quit the music business. Though her music career wasn’t extensive, she accomplished a lot in a short period of time. The singer posted a letter on her website explaining why she decided to leave her music career behind. “The rock n roll lifestyle is no longer for me and the ambition of cultivating fame or attention has completely left me now,” Lane explained. Lane cited the constant pressures of being a touring and recording artist caused her to feel anxious and depressed. “I utterly respect those who can withstand the pressures of a life constantly on the road and with the expectations for continued success,” the singer said. She stated the pressure had become “unbearable” to deal with. 

Lanie Lane’s letter does state that she still has a great passion for making music. “My love of creating, writing, and playing music is definitely not in question here. These aspects are the true joy of music for me,” Lane said. Parts of the letter seem to give the impression that Lane is not quitting the music business forever, she is instead taking a break for now. The singer has five concerts left on her schedule. Lane said she plans to perform on those dates, and possibly more dates in the future. The singer’s last show is on April 18th at the Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns

Lane’s debut album, To the Horses, was released almost four years ago. The album won an Australian Independent Record Award for Best Independent Blues and Roots Album in 2012. Lane went on a national tour in 2012, and she embarked on a small spring tour in 2013. Last year, Lane released her sophomore album Night Shade. The album debuted at Number 42 on the Australian music charts. In order to promote the project, the singer embarked on a national tour, and she made stops at a ton of music festivals. Before going on tour, Lane mentioned how excited she was to get back on the road. “We always have a great time playing live and are looking forward to a new adventure with new music,” the singer said. Lane’s record label and management company released a statement wishing the singer great health, and the best of luck in her future endeavors.