Sines, Sines, Everywhere a Sine

Hello Everyone! I know it has been far too long since the last FDRMX blog, but I’m happy to return on this beautiful Friday to tell you about the newest video on our site. “Sine” is a wonderfully creepy music video created by Synthwave artist Bites. The title comes from a mathematical term, which may turn off those of you who just want to enjoy the weekend already, but don’t worry: this video proves to be far more intoxicating than most other lab experiments.

The video kicks off with what seems to be a professor driving to work while swallowing some of the largest pills I have ever seen. We then see his students: a swarm of uniformed girls who each carry their own white lab rat in a cage. They proceed to go about what I consider to be a pretty typical day: Bouncing around inside of a large plastic ball right after trying to enjoy your lunch of a black porcupine soup which eats your spoon. That’s normal, right?

Soon after this rather unsettling setup we get into real meat of the video as the girls test their powers to move their respective mouse through the labyrinth. It is then revealed that the girls’ price for failure is having their tiny cute companion sent off to a beautiful farm where it can play (inside a snakes belly). The pill popping professor is the one who feeds the mouse to the snake in a sequence that is particularly brutal but nevertheless effective. What happens next is best left unspoiled so that you, the viewer, can interpret exactly what has just gone on.

Despite its very dark tone I was deeply thrilled with the journey the video took me on. The motif of bubbles being stretched and popped really conveyed the trapped emotions of the girls being tested. While I did find the snake scene brutal (I hope it was all humanely done) I’d be lying if I didn’t think it was cut in a really efficient manner. It’s the kind of video you’ll nee to see again but not immediately after the first viewing. Before you try to sift through the meaning of the work again, give your brain a little time to digest (couldn’t resist).

Bites seems to be a rather elusive and fittingly mysterious artist, but after considerable detective work I found that he has been active in the Electronic Music scene ever since moving from his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. It took him a while, but he seems to have settled right near FDRMX in Brooklyn, NY. Visit his website here and you can check out even more of his tracks, plus a bonus music video entitled “Fields of Ash