Sillyboy – Do It Again

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In their music video for “Do It Again,” Sillyboy does in less than a minute what most bands need hours and hours to do. Namely, make a music video. By slowing down 45 seconds of footage to 250 frames per second, Sillyboy creates an expertly choreographed experience. While the shot took less than a minute, there’s no telling the hours of preparation that went into the setup. Time well spent for one of the more interestingly crafted videos on FDRMX.
For a simple zoom in and zoom out on a couple on a car, there is a surprising amount going on in the background. Skateboarders, joggers, firecrackers and lion mask wearing hula hoop twirlers all crowd the frame as the camera man makes his slowed down journey to the car and then back again. The lighting shift at the end of the video provides an impressive end to the symmetric video.

One Take Shot music video, filmed in 35 seconds at 250 frames per second.

Written & Produced by Sillyboy
Additional vocals by: kos K. & Oly

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