Sillyboy – Time Is All Mine

The fun, staccato beat of Silly Boy‘s “Time is all Mine” makes the song seem playful and engaging. The images come through sometimes as if through a kaleidoscope, foggy and mixed up, yet you can still see the singer and the fact that in the beginning it is just him on screen. As the video goes on, you see him picking up shards of a mirror off of the ground outdoors, and then rearranging them on a surface that makes his visage seem fractured and you realize a little later that the mirror pieces are actually being arranged on a bodysuit that someone is wearing. When the person, its not clear if its the singer or not, starts dancing, the images become really interesting and almost surreal. Adding to the imagery, the person in the body suit that is dancing walks through dark water, so that everything is black except for the sparks of light that dance around the screen. It really is a visually interesting piece.

Label: Just Gazing / The Sound Of Everything
Director: Stathis Mourdoukoutas
Dop: Stathis Mourdoukoutas / George Kokkalis
Art Director: Stella Chronopoulou
Styling: Kassandra Powel
Assistants: Pinelopi Kapnoula / Hlias Papastamatiou / Olympia Konstantellou
Dancer: Irini Michopoulou
Produced by: The cOre
Production Company: Filmiki