Siamese Cat And Horse Share An Unlikely Close Bond

What do you get when you bring together a Siamese cat and a horse? Well, apparently you get the perfect recipe for a friendship! When these two animals were brought together their owner never expected them to click so well. Now the cat and the horse go off on a leisurely walk every day!

20. Odd Friendship

A very unusual friendship has managed to bloom between one sweet cat and a lovely horse. What started out as a random meeting turned into a friendship that would last for a while. So how did this all begin?

19. Louis

It all starts with Louis, a Siamese cat. Louis was only a kitten when Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer based in North Devon, England, saw him at her friend’s house. She fell in love with him on the spot!

18. Separation

It just so happened that things would eventually work out so that Emma could adopt Louis. “His owner then went through a separation and she couldn’t keep Louis so I, of course, said I would have him,” Emma told Love Meow.

17. Royal Personality

As soon as Emma brought Louis home he made himself quite comfortable. He had no qualms about claiming certain areas of the house as his. Not only that, but he also quite enjoyed following Emma around the house.

16. Helpful Companion

Eventually, Louis started following Emma into the stables where she kept her horses. Louis would often help Emma tend to the horses and would want to be involved as much as possible. Emma was pretty surprised by the gesture.

15. Starting Out

He started off just following me to the stable and walking along the walls or fences nudging the horses with his head. Then he started to jump on their backs and sit there or jump on and then off the other side to get somewhere,” Emma shared.

14. Enjoyment

So how do the horses feel about having Louis around? Well, they absolutely love it! The horses will often nuzzle up to Louis. However, one horse in particular loved the cat’s company the most.

13. Comet

Comet the horse loved when Louis would be around! The two quickly started up a beautiful and unique friendship. You won’t believe how they choose to spend their days together.

12. Daily Walks

This pair will often go out on daily walks together through the woods. They will often take a stroll across a bridge and then walk along a stream. Then they head back home with Louis sitting on Comet’s back throughout the whole trip.

11. Nuzzled Up

“I often find them nuzzling up together. I think horses like cats because they’re so playful but Comet really likes Louis. ‘It’s nice for them to be able to take in the scenery together and Louis is really confident up there,” Emma said.

10. Double Takes

When he has had enough he’ll just jump off. People often do a double take when they see him out but lots don’t notice him, until he meows. I have to watch out for dogs but Louis seems to like to ride so doesn’t jump down when we are out.”

9. Commanding

Louis loves being the commander from on top of Comet. He greatly enjoys traveling through the woods and Comet loves taking him on the adventures. “Sometimes we ride together in the arena, and other times out and about. And sometimes Louis and his brother Remi will ride together.”

8. Recharge

Once the duo is done with their walk, they love to head back to the stable where they cuddle up for a bit. Then Louis heads back into the head where he cuddles up with the rest of his family. It’s a pretty fulfilling day.

7. Emma’s Story

Although this is the first cat/horse friendship that Emma has ever seen, Emma happens to have a longstanding history with horses. Emma specifically works with troubled horses and she happens to have a talent that no one else has!

6. Unique Skill

Emma is the only British person to have developed a unique language that is understood by the horses. Emma is able to successfully communicate with an entire herd of horses at any given time. She uses this talent to work with horses that need extra attention or care.

5. Complex Tasks

Thanks to this talent, Emma has been able to work with the horses in a fascinating way. She has been able to coordinate them to complete complex tasks, exercises, and maneuvers. She’s had horses in her life for years.

4. Growing Up


I have had horses all my life, my godmother gave me my first pony at six months old, a welsh mountain pony called Minnie. Like many young girls I started riding before I could walk,” Emma stated.

3. Explorers

As for Comet and Louis, this double team will continue their adventures as explorers. Emma allows them to go out as they please, with her following along of course!

2. Happy Together

You can tell that the duo really enjoys each other’s company. Louis feels like a real king as he sits on the back of Comet and rides around in the woods. However, even though Louis is a born adventurer he still won’t travel out in the rain.

1. Wonderful Life

Emma is so happy that two of her animals have managed to become such great friends. Although the friendship is not one you’d see every day, that only makes it that much more amazing of a pairing!