Shilf – Play It Safe

German alternative rock band Shif’s music video for “Play It Safe” is simple and straightforward. Switching between scenes of the band and scenes of the road, the majority of the video is set in the same location. While driving down the highway, a man’s convertible breaks down. The longer the man and his passengers wait along the side of the road, the more people stop to help him. As smoke rises from the car’s hood, they stand around it, perplexed; of both policemen and friendly pedestrians, no one seems to know what to do. Periodically, we’re transported back to smokey, closeup shots of the band performing in a dark room illuminated only by a vanity mirror. The music video follows the same slow, laidback progression as the song it accompanies. At the videos end, the singer fades away, and we discover that there is no resolution for the man, or his car. He continues to wait, stranded on the side of the road.