Shelia Moore Piper – Get Excited

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Shelia Moore Piper‘s music video for “Get Excited” is a dance party. It begins with a dapper gentleman walking to the center of the screen where he turns on the record player. The party commences with five instrumentalists: a drummer, keyboardist, trumpet player, saxophonist, and bass guitarist. A quartet of fresh-looking dancers, backup vocalists, and Shelia Moore Piper are then introduced, all while opening up our ears to the funky, jazzy, and soulful music. Mostly everyone in the video is wearing some kind of pantsuit; some are wearing neat hats and shades, and Ms. Piper shows off some vibrant and sparkly pink heels. You already know it’s about to go down with a lot of dancing! Even with a simple white backdrop, the party doesn’t stop, because the music and lyrics are where it’s at. There are an abundance of jump cuts, from people tapping away at their feet and quick gyrating of the hips. Piper and her backup vocalists are truly bringing the house down with some Gospel harmonies, and they are a perfect fit for a song about getting excited. Turn up the volume, “Get Excited” for the holidays, and dance like everyone is watching!

Produced by Glenn “GP” Piper
Directed by Jirad of The DigiBees
Label – Bdm/Ugroove Music Copyright 2014