She Will Fixate You

For those who enjoy a steady, nonintrusive dance beat I recommend this as a way to get you through this last day and into the weekend.  With their calming yet suave beats, Harrison Chord deliver the perfect tune to compliment a video that takes its time and doesn’t try to be anything its not.  While it can’t be said that the video is pulse pounding, it also can’t be said that it’s boring.  Try as I might, I couldn’t take my res off of the images despite the lack of substantive action going on. The video’s style is more than enough to make it one of the more intoxicating entries on PPcorn’s website.


The video “She” follows the exploits of mysterious woman with a Batman tattoo.  She journeys from park, to street corner, to record store, all before finally ending up in a club by nighttime.  Its a very simple story but it matches the music in simplicity and collected cool. There are little surprises or “wow” moments in this video, but it does offer plenty of eye candy in the form of the actress and the exquisite framing of the shots.  As she moves from venue to venue the beat remains at a consistent tone to reinforce the uncrushed journey of the lead.  The scene where she looks up at the camera and blankly stares before busting a grin is the pictorial highlight of the video.

Harrison Chord is formed by the DJ duo of Tom Bednarczyk and Kobster.  The duo specializes in oscillating between deep house and retro sounding dance music.  They describe their own music as “Black Tropical House” and while i have no idea what that means i’d be lying if i said I wasn’t intrigued.  Both are natives of Poland and veterans of the dance music scene.  While their partnership is less than two years old they have produced quite a few works that have made their mark into the Polish dance scene.

If you need a bit of a break as you carry yourself into the final workday of the week, put this on in the background to fuel you to keep on moving forward. If you need extra motivation take a look at the wild night the leading lady goes through and know that at the end of the day on Friday that belongs to you.  Just make sure you don’t watch this while you’re supposed to be working or you might just get forever lost in the subtle adventure this woman is having right in front of you.