Shane Beales – Time

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The video for Shane Beales’ single “Time” deals with regrets and second chances. It opens to a man sitting alone in a dark room looking down at the ground. In the next scene, this same man stands over the lifeless body of someone who’s assumed to have been his lover. As the camera focuses on his pained face, viewers can truly sense his longing for the “time” he lost with this person he loved.
Suddenly, the woman’s body is reanimated, if only for a little while, and they begin to dance throughout their home. At one point, the couple accidentally knock over a vase as they’re caught up in their dance, but once it hits the ground, time is reversed and the mistake is undone. This theme recurs throughout the video until finally, it’s time for the man to return to reality. They find their way back to their bedroom, the woman lies back down and becomes lifeless once more, and this man is left to deal with his grief.

Director: Andrew Howard
Starring: James and Janie Cronin
Director of Photography: Nick Morris
Editor: Ross Leppard
Producer: Sorcha Bacon at Try Hard Productions
Costume: Sarah-Jane Riechert
Makeup: Kirstine Robb
(C) 2014 SB Records/Andrew Howard

Video for ‘Time’ taken from Time EP available now on iTunes|