Shakira Invites the World to Her Baby Shower

Pop star Shakira is hosting a “World Baby Shower” and everyone is invited. The singer’s baby shower is a benefit sponsored by UNICEF. People can be a part of the baby shower by purchasing a gift, which will be delivered to a child in need around the world. Some of the gifts people can purchase are midwifery kits, measles and polio vaccines, baby scales, blankets, soccer balls, and storybooks. Those in the United States who donate $14.50, will receive a limited edition thank you card with an exclusive photo of Shakira and her husband. The shower is being referred to as a “global movement to save lives.” The baby shower hosting event is not just for celebrities, and people who are interested in hosting a shower can go to the company’s website.

Shakira hosted a similar event when she was pregnant a couple of years ago with her son Milan. The singer was able to fund close to four tons of therapeutic good packets, more than 80,000 polio vaccines, about 200,000 rehydrating salts, and almost 1,000 mosquito nets. Shakira posted a message on social media regarding the world baby shower, “Now that we are about to be parents for the second time, we want to take it one step further: by making baby showers with a philanthropic bent accessible to everyone.” Shakira added, “Thanks to social media, celebrities are not the only ones who are able to make a real change. Now you can contribute so that baby showers that give to other children become a new global trend.” Shakira also operates an organization called Pies Descalzos. The charity has built schools in her hometown of Colombia. The charity also provides educational tools for children in need. 

During Shakira’s illustrious music career, she has won two Grammy Awards and eight Latin Grammy Awards. The pop star has also sold over sixty million records worldwide, and is the third best selling Latin artist of all time. Last year, Shakira was named the 58th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine. Shakira is expected to release her eleventh studio album later this year.