Sevyn Streeter: ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’ Single Review

Sevyn Streeter doesn’t want any buzz kills messing with her good vibe on her latest single “Don’t Kill The Fun“. Featuring Chris Brown, “Don’t Kill The Fun” is a slight departure from Sevyn’s R&B-heavy sound that can be found on her debut EP Call Me Crazy, But. If you’re late to the Sevyn party I’ll catch you up! Sevyn Streeter may be considered a new solo artist, but she’s been in the music industry since 2001 joining a few girl groups (TG4, RichGirl) and writing for some of your favorite artists (Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys to name a few). I have been a fan of Sevyn since hearing her first single “I Like It”. The love grew from there, after seeing some solid performances and hearing her EP that I still go back to. Every track had the potential to be a hit, and one managed to hit gold (“It Don’t Stop (Featuring Chris Brown)”).

I didn’t expect the chilled electronic beat that can be heard on “Don’t Kill The Fun”. Sevyn is venturing into new territory, and I like that she is trying something different. Chris Brown and Sevyn aren’t new to collaborating together (“Yeah 3X”, “Fine China”) so when I saw his name, I expected to hear another hit. “Don’t Kill The Fun” definitely continues the team’s winning streak when it comes to solid tracks. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for a visual.

While the track is pretty laid back, the chorus packs a little punch with some catchy lyrics that will remain in your head after the song is done, “Let’s be undeniable / if you wanna live it / better live it / make tonight unforgettable / and we won’t stop rockin’ till they call the cops.” I like what Brown adds to the track, and with his single “New Flame” currently burning up the charts, I don’t think this record will have any trouble finding a spot on the charts. I can see “Don’t Kill The Fun” doing well in different genres, so it’s smart that Sevyn is continuing to move toward the mainstream audience. So, while Sevyn continues working on her debut album, let’s hope that “Don’t Kill The Fun” finds some success, and Sevyn can keep the party rocking till her album is ready to drop.