Selbyville – Until Dark

In this video, designer and animator Derek Kimball of Last House Productions takes us on a relaxing underwater adventure to the experimental sound of Selbyville’s “Until Dark.” This calm instrumental is universal enough to narrate life’s many scenes, and Kimball transports us to an animated mountainous harbor on a rainy day. The light acoustic guitar sound loops and yelling children voices repeating in the background make for a rather spooky sound, heightened by the stillness and solitude of Kimball’s aquatic wilderness.

In 2013, Last House Productions, Derek Kimball, and Selbyville won Maine Media Workshops’ Spirit of Place video award for this video, highlighting Kimball’s efforts to literally bring Until Dark to life. Taking us from above the water’s surface to below, in this video we slowly drift from the shallow waters of floating starfish, to the dark waters of the deep, even to be greeted by the light of an anglerfish! 

From the album Quiet Until the Thaw
Designed and animated by Derek Kimball