Secret Sun – Passing Cars

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Simon Landry & Anne-Marie Campbell of Montreal’s alternative duo, Secret Sun’s music video for “Passing Cars,” mixes water with fire in entirely black and white footage. Anne-Marie floats in the shallow water off of a beach shore at night, while Simon walks through an abandoned warehouse of sorts carrying a flaming torch and a container of gasoline. The camera shoots both above and under water, using a photo negative effect to enhance the dreamy, late-night feel of the video. While she floats, singing towards the shore, Simon lights a bonfire in a metal trash can and uses two giant industry fans to create a writhing tornado made of fire. The flames whip violently upward, licking the edges of a tropical plant leaf until they curl up, singed and eventually burning away to nothing. The intensity of the heat is apparent on his face. The light from the fire reflects in the waves, making the flames appear to burn on the surface of the water. The encroach upon Anne-Marie until she completely submerges herself, leaning backward underwater, and the boundary between wave and flame disappears.   

Artiste/Artist – Secret Sun
Chanson/Track – “Passing Cars”
AlbumCold Coast
Réalisateur/Filmmaker – Hervé Baillargeon
Concept original/Original Concept – Hervé Baillargeon eand Simon Roy
Maison de production/Production Company – Devlin Marlow
Producteur/Producer – Roch Michel
Productrice de contenu/Content Producer – Catherine Denault
Directeur de la photographie/Director of Photography – Olivier Gossot
Directeur artistique/Artistic Director – Maxime Normand
Opérateur caméra plongé/Underwater Camera Operator – Derek Bransconde
Assistant-caméra/Camera-Assistant – Isabelle Stachtchenko Sirois
Deuxième assistant-caméra/Second Camera-Assistant – Charles-Antoine Auger
Chef électro/Head Gaffer – Dave Magnan
Électro/Gaffer – Pierre-Luc Jobin
Maquillage & coiffure/Hair & Make-Up – Catherine Lemay
Chef machino/Key Grip – Samuel LaBarre
Styliste/Stylist – AJ Hélie
Effets spéciaux/Special Effects – Les Productions de l’Intrigue, Denis Lavigne
Pyrotechnicien/FX Technician – Nicolas Poulin and Karl Rainville
Régisseur de plateau/Set Manager – François Comte
Assistant de production/Production Assistant – Alexander Seltzer
Monteur/Editor – Charles Grenier
Graphisme/Graphic Design – Simon Roy