Secret Sun – Feather

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Secret Sun’s video for “Feather” includes flat colors and relentless symmetry that makes every scene dreamy and strange. The grainy, head-on shots of islands and typewriters could have fallen right out of a Wes Anderson film, though the song is foreboding enough to keep it mysterious. As clouds soar overhead and our lead singer sits inside typing, small details add to the eeriness – like the fact that her typewriter plunks away without making any marks on the pages. While an egret twirls in the sun, a man continues to throw message-filled bottles into the ocean, over and over again. The theme of the video seems to be not having your thoughts heard, as both of them are unable to get their messages across. Though she lacks ink and he lacks waves, you feel like they are eventually going to reach each other. Instead, she walks straight into the ocean with her arms outstretched. The ending is a mystery.

Artist Secret Sun
Song – Feather
AlbumCold Coast
By Michael John Hancock and Jonathan David Kane
Colored by Jeff Altman at Color Collective NY
Production Support – Jason Jeffers
Stylist – Andrée-Jade Hélie
Hair and Makeup – Liz Ferrer
Boat Captains – Francisco Gonzalez, Dylan Matheson
Filmed at Shadow Point in Key Largo, Florida
Executive Producer – Simon Landry
Special thanks to Dylan Matheson for making us feel at home during our stay at Shadow Point.