Sean Connery: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Sean Connery has been so successful in his lifetime. People around the world know him as James Bond as well as other roles. Here are most fact about the man that the average person doesn’t know.

Number Eight: He’s Trained in Dancing

Sean Connery had been trained in dancing for nearly 11 years. He was taught in Sweden: the man has surely traveled the world!

Number Seven: He’s Treated His Throat

Sean Connery went to get his throat treated. Turns out that the man had been battling cancer and needed to go to the doctors so that it wouldn’t harm him anymore. It is good to know that he is okay.

Number Six: Sean Connery Has Worked With Coffins

For a time before acting became his life, Sean Connery worked with coffins. He polished them as to look as good as possible for the dead. That must have been an interesting experience.

Number Five: He’s a Grandfather

It all comes to a time where people have children, and when children have their own, it is quite significant. Dashiell (as he’s named) has Connery’s good looks and charming personality.

Number Four: He’s Left Scotland for Good

Although Scotland is his homeland, he has sworn to never return to it again. He said that he wouldn’t return until the nation became independent. He thinks it just may happen in his lifetime. The world will certainly see in time.

Number Three: He Could Have Been The Architect

Sean Connery was offered to play the part of The Architect (The Matrix Triology), but he turned down the role. That would have been an interesting change to the films!

Number Two: Sean Connery Has Had Eye Surgery

In 2003, Sean Connery got eye surgery. For a while up until the procedure, he had to deal with cataracts impairing his vision for years! It’s certainly amazing what doctors can do in the modern day.

Number One: He Was Stopped by James Bond

After the man stopped playing James Bond, he was once caught speeding. The man who stopped him happened to be named James Bond. What a coincidence!