Sea Creatures: 34 Rare Species You Have Never Seen (Part 1)

We have all read about the horror stories of the sea creatures that inhabit the deep depths of the oceans, but we can assure you that you have never caught a glance at one of these rare species! We have searched for you, and found the 34 most surprising and mind-altering animals of the sea that you haven’t seen anywhere else. All you have to do to discover all of these amazing creatures is keep scrolling! Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts two through four, to see the remaining 26 rare sea creatures that you have never seen before!

Number Thirty-Four: One of the Cutest Sea Creatures – Tardigrades

These chubby little eight-legged organisms are quite astounding. Nicknamed “water bears”, these microscopic creatures are known for their impressive ability to adapt to some of the most outrageous conditions. They have even been known to inhabit parts of space!

Number Thirty-Three: The Siphonophore

The crazy creature is unlike any you have ever seen before. It belongs to the same genealogical species as jellyfish and is composed of medusoid and polypoid zooids. These zooids are actually a collection of individual organisms that work together like a colony in such cooperation that they are considered to form a single animal.

Number Thirty-Two: The Frilled Shark

The frilled shark is often referred to as a “living fossil”, primarily due its primitive features and nature. To look upon this unique species of shark is like looking at a shark from a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Number Thirty-One: The Goose Barnacle

The goose barnacle is so unlike any other species of living creature that it has shocked even scientists. The organism was discovered in 2010 when it washed up onto a beach in Wales. The previously-unheard-of creature lay on the shore at six feet in length, composed of a series of tentacle-like appendages covered in shells.

Number Thirty: Pink Sea-Through Fantasia

The discovery of this unique creature happened only in recent years. The organism is a form of sea-cucumber first observed in the Celebes Sea. As the name might imply, the creature is completely translucent, and observers can see its entire simplistic digestive system.

Number Twenty-Nine: The Christmas Tree Worm

This odd animal is named for its resemblance to, well, a Christmas tree. These polychaete worms form spirals from which the colony feeds and breathes. They function by joining together in multicolored patterns to continuously build more tubes to their structure.

Number Twenty-Eight: Marrus Orthocanna

This odd creature is also a structure composed of multiple zooids. These creatures bind together in a vertical pattern, led by an orange, gas-filled part that allows the colony to float and swim. It is most characterized by its resemblance to fire.

Number Twenty-Seven: The Dumbo Octopus

This species of octopus is named for its resemblance to the classic Disney elephant. This creature, categorized as an umbrella octopus, swims with round, flat fins that look like Dumbo’s characteristic ears. They often live at depths of 23,000 feet and are quite an interesting sight to see. Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts two through four, to see the remaining 26 rare sea creatures that you have never seen before!