Scuba Diver Sees Shark Trapped In Net, Risks His Life To Save The Shark

How many of us would go out of our way to rescue a shark in danger? Well, when one scuba diver was submerged in deep waters, he came across a shark in a life-threatening situation. However, instead of swimming away in fear this scuba diver decided to do something brave instead. You’ll never guess how this scuba diver managed to rescue the life of a huge shark!

20. Spanish Diver

When Spanish diver Inaki Aizpun went out for a casual dive in Australia’s Byron Bay, he wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen. After all, the diver had been diving for years and nothing had ever really come from his underwater excursions.

19. Australia Living

Aizpun has been living in Australia for the past 25 years and has grown used to the creatures in the Australian waters. However, the incredible footage captured during the water excursion showed just how brave Aizpun was when he was approached by an unbelievable animal.

18. Sharks

Sharks are pretty intimidating creatures. After all, there’s an entire movie franchise dedicated to how scary they can be. So if you’re ever approached by one we wouldn’t blame you for swimming away.

17. Nurse Shark

A popular shark breed in Australian waters is the nurse shark. This grey shark is one of the most dangerous in the world. Not only that but they can also grow up to be enormous.

16. Huge Size

Adult nurse sharks can grow to be around 15 feet long! They can weigh as much as 330 pounds as well. It’s no wonder that most people would choose to avoid these sharks if they were ever approached by one in the water.

15. Brave Diver

However, unlike many other swimmers or divers out there, Aizpun was feeling quite brave when he was diving near Julian Rocks. As he was making his way around the water, the diver quickly noticed something that took his breath away. There in the water was an enormous shark!

14. Unusual Situation

Aizpun quickly found himself in an unusual situation. Right there in front of him was a massive grey nurse shark. However, it wasn’t ready to attack him.

13. Trapped

The grey nurse shark was right in front of Aizpun, but it wasn’t going to attack any time soon. So why was that? Well, it seems that this poor shark had gotten itself stuck in a dangerous situation.

12. Strangled

The nurse shark that was in front of Aizpun happened to be tangled inside of some plastic netting. The netting was slowly strangling the shark. It wouldn’t be long before the shark would die if no one intervened.

11. Netting Rope

“A two-meter grey nurse shark with a long piece of netting rope stuck between its jaws,” Aizpun says in the video footage of the encounter. “A slow, painful death awaited this shark, if not removed. I knew I had to help the shark.”

10. Scared

Aizpun was obviously terrified of approaching the shark. However, internally he could not fight the feeling that he had to intervene in the situation. So he decided to do the only thing he knew he could.

9. Being Brave

“I fought my fear of approaching a shark in pain and tried grabbing the line from a distance. It looked to me like the shark wanted to cooperate. The shark was moving violently, but I was determined to save it,” Aizpun explained.

8. Determined

“I tried a second time… this time, with more success. I was radiant to be able to get such a deadly net off its jaws.” Aizpun managed to successfully remove the netting from around the shark. He was thrilled with how things were working out.

7. A-Okay

As soon as he successfully removed the netting from around the shark, Aizpun turned to face the camera. He signaled an ‘ok’ sign to the camera to show that everything had gone well. Then the shark did something unbelievable.

6. Swimming Away

Once the shark had been freed, it quickly swam away from Aizpun and into the water. Aizpun took this as a good sign – especially since the shark didn’t decide to have him for dinner. However, then the shark decided to return with a friend.

5. Saying Thanks

“Seconds later the shark returned with a buddy, and looked me in the eyes as if to say thank you.” Aizpun felt relief at that moment. He had done something good and the shark was giving him a sweet thank you after it all went down.

4. Facebook Post

The video footage of the shark rescue was eventually posted up onto Facebook. The post was shared all over the Internet afterward. Everyone was so blown away by Aizpun’s heroic bravery in such a scary situation.

3. Tons of Views

Since being uploaded the video has received around over 16,000 views. Through the video footage, Aizpun hopes to inform more people on the dangers of fishing nets to aquatic life. In the video, he explicitly states a very important message.

2. Raising Awareness

“Fishing nets kill marine life indiscriminately… please stop using fishing nets in our oceans,” Aizpun stated. Plastic thrown into the waters, such as fishing nets, are responsible for the deaths of millions of fish each year. Aizpun hopes that raising awareness will help bring these numbers down.

1. Great Hero

Aizpun proved to be quite the heroic diver when faced with an intimidating situation. Instead of swimming away in fear, he boldly faced the shark and in the process managed to save its life.