Scarlett Johansson May Have to Change Band Name

Scarlett Johansson‘s band, The Singles, received a cease-and-desist order. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cease-and-desist was filed by a band with the same name. An attorney for the original Singles band said they have been using that name for more than fifteen years. “Since 1999, The Singles have produced an extensive repertoire of albums, LPs, EPs, singles, and have performed their music countless times, nationally and internationally,” Attorney Rabeh Soofi stated (via Billboard magazine). He added, “Including European tours in 2004, 2005, 2008, and a Japanese tour in 2004, all using their band name The Singles.” 

The Singles’ founder, Vincent Frederick, also issued a statement regarding the band name. “I woke up one morning and learned from the news that our band name was literally just taken by someone else as their own,” Frederick said (via Detroit Free Press). He continued, “It’s hard to believe that any musician would do something like that to another band. The Singles has been my life for the past sixteen years. We have worked so incredibly hard to make it a success.” Frederick also said that it’s hard believe that Johansson didn’t realize the name belonged to another band. “I don’t understand it. Our band, The Singles, has an account on nearly all social media sites, and our music is available in record shops, on iTunes, Soundcloud, and other websites,” he stated. Frederick added, “Just a simple search on Google would have revealed that The Singles was already a band name being used by another pop/rock band, our band.” 

Johansson’s band, which consists of Este Haim, Kendra Morris, Julia Haltigan, and Holly Miranda, just debuted its first song, “Candy,” last week on Soundcloud. The band is signed to Dave Sitek‘s (TV on the Radio) record label, Federal Prism. Jeff Bowers, the founding partner of Federal Prism, responded to the legal matter in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “I’d like to take the vinyl and t-shirts marked as The Singles and sell them all, and donate all of the money to the Los Angeles Children’s hospital,” Bowers told The Hollywood Reporter. The Singles project is not Johansson’s first attempt at a music career. In 2008, the actress released the album Anywhere I Lay My Head, which featured a guest appearance by David Bowie. The following year, she collaborated on an album with Pete Yorn entitled Break Up. Johnny Depp is another actor who has recently joined a band. Last week, it was announced that Depp, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), and Alice Cooper formed a rock supergroup, Hollywood Vampires

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