Scarlet Soho – Two Steps From Heartache

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Watch out for the tricky mime in Scarlet Soho’s music video for “Two Steps From Heartache.” Shot entirely in black-and-white, Scarlet and James Knight of the duo dance, play a Korg synth and guitar, and sit across from each other at a card table while a mime messes with them. Scarlet’s sequined dress creates a shimmering backdrop for James’ head shots as he sings. The neo electro synth pop sounds pair perfectly with the stark mystery of the music video. The mime is playful at first, making jokes, teasing us with what looks like a bucket of water he’s about to dump on poor Scarlet, but it actually turns out to be confetti. Alas, he gets her with water in the end. He also presents a beautifully wrapped little gift box to James, and he sneakily lets the audience have a look at the contents before James gets to. What’s inside relates to the title – we’ll give you three guesses what it is.

Directed by Steve Hogg
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Additional thanks to Steve Hogg, Andy Wilkin and Dan Stotesbury and Uptons the Butcher.

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