Scanone – Gangsta Riddim (remix by Roel Funcken, video by about:blank™)

Roel Funcken is an electronic producer and one half of the Dutch electronic duo, Funckarma. He welcomes us with his remixed Dubstep track and music video for “Gangsta Riddim.” It is a crazy track that is less than two minutes, but filled with an abundance of electronic beats and bass drops. The original “Gangsta Riddim” was produced by London-based DJ Scanone (Jude Greenaway). The music video is presented by about:blank™, a company based in Brussels, Belgium. The motion designs and graphics are intriguing; they coincide with the electronic track very well. It is perfectly animated alongside the rhythm of the track, where some parts are tweaked and shaken to make the viewers feel the music on an entirely different level. It also displays a large amount of epileptic episodes which are enjoyable for the ears and eyes. Enjoy the insane features in the video as it will most definitely give you an eargasm.

audio: excerpt of “Gangsta Riddim” remix by Roel Funcken.

Gangsta Riddim (Original) by SCANONE.