Say His Name: Travis Ewing Slays ‘The Voice’

The Season 8 of The Voice only gets more exciting after the addition of Travis Ewing on its roster of artists. With his unique arrangement of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name,” Ewing may potentially steal the limelight from fellow Team Pharrell artist Sawyer Fredericks. It may be tough, but with Ewing having the coaches battle for him, it may a lot become easier than expected. It’s no easy feat to pull off a Destiny’s Child classic, but surely, Beyoncé and the other girls would approve what Ewing did with their song.

The lucky stars may not be conspiring with Christina Aguilera, because, although she turned her spinning chair immediately, Ewing did not choose her to be his coach. Entertainingly, Aguilera “can’t even be mad about losing Travis, because [she’s] still laughing about him agreeing with Adam on being an idiot.” Why yes, Ms. Aguilera, Levine is totally an idiot for letting a talent like Ewing go just like that. Ewing has already made his presence marked on the show. All he needs to do next is to ace his Battle Round. He surely has a spot in everyone’s team. Predictably, a steal is coming, if Pharrell is not careful enough.

Though Pharrell is sufficiently lucky to snag the Charleston, South Carolina resident, it would be potentially difficult for him to manage the great amount of talent he already has on his team. How he would pair the artists would be totally tough. For the past three episodes, all the best artists choose Pharrell. Arguably, he already has the other exceptional talents like the unique blues artist Mia Z., the smooth crooner Lowell Oakley, plus the early favorite Sawyer Fredericks. Pharrell should not repeat his performance last season, as his strong start has only become a wasted opportunity for championship.

Right now, Ewing’s version of “Say My Name” is already out on iTunes and is steadily climbing through the charts. Not all artists from The Voice manage to have their audtion song enter the said chart. Hence, it is really something if you are able to deliver such accomplishment. Notable past contenders from the show who managed to do so are Season 2’s Lindsay Pavao for her own twist to Trey Songz’ “Say Aah” and Season 3’s Melanie Martinez for her indie arrangement of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

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