Sarah Geronimo: ‘The Glow’ Single Review

The Philiippine Pop Star made all Filipinos proud once again as she sings Disney Princess’ theme, “The Glow.” In this song, Sarah Geronimo took us to dreamland by igniting positive reinforcement to all people out there who may be experiencing any forms of inferiority. Sarah sings the anthem with enough positivity in her attitude that is very contagious. It is hard not to compare her version with what Shannon Saunders did in the original, though. Shannon’s version in the movie Tangled has already set its mark apart from the fact that the movie is also remarkableHowever, there is no point in comparing because both artists were able to infuse their own original flavors to it.

Sarah Geronimo is a good selection to sing the theme. If you look at the story of how Sarah reached success, you will definitely be inspired by her perseverance and determination. Her spirit seems to live in the song, as if creating an angelic ensemble for the world to witness. The backstory of Sarah perfectly matches the context of success in the song, which starts “once you believe you are ready to shine / bright as the world’s ever known / you are the glow.”

In Philippine pop culture, Sarah is known as a belter. She can hit high notes, while pouring all her emotions in the song. However, in “The Glow,” she does not use any unnecessary embellishments in the song. There are no vocal acrobatics, and other diva stuff people are used to listening from her. It works for her advantage, though. In the absence of these vocal stunts, the listeners’ would be able to see Sarah’s heart that delivers sheer passion and beautiful emotions.

While the song is categorically a lullaby, Sarah’s delivery tends to be bland. The start of the song sets the dreamy mood. It is strongly followed by a melodically beautiful chorus with perfectly matched lyrics to support it.  It’s a song designed for a princess; therefore, it must have the finesse expected for one. Yet, until the song ends, it did not progress enough to satiate the burning passion the song is trying to unleash. It takes listeners onto a land where dreams happen. But, it failed to make them realize that dreams are best brought to reality where can they fully materialize them.

There is no doubt that Sarah is a talented artist, and she was able to give the song a beautiful life. However, to be more prolific, the song must also have a gritty edge to it. So, here is hoping that Sarah would give the audience a braver and more exuberant approach if she ever sings it live on big stages around the world.