Sarah Fimm – Yellow

“Yellow” by Sarah Fimm is a melancholy, lonely song and the video is set to match.  It’s graded in a dark tone, and features Fimm by herself, outside in nature, rather than the hustle and bustle of a city or alone in her room.  The video almost seems to be suggesting she feels like she is the only person in the world; no matter where she goes, so is by herself.  Swinging on a swing, walking by a lake, sitting under a tree, wandering through a forest … There are quick allusions to other mediums, such as yellow wallpaper peeling off of the walls, which is reflective of a famous short story written in 1892 in which a woman slowly goes insane because she is forced to be alone, locked in a room with yellow wallpaper on the walls.  Eventually, she goes indoors and is still alone, and it alternates between cuts of outdoors and indoors – eventually the two start to become mixed, and we start seeing things like a floor lamp turned on in the middle of the floor.  It ends with her sitting alone, and the wallpaper that had been torn down is back on the walls, giving it a deep, introspective message.

“Yellow” is the first single from Sarah Fimm’s album, Near Infinite Possibility.