Sam Smith Cancels More Tour Dates This Month

Sam Smith just announced he is canceling more tour dates, after suffering a hemorrhage to his vocal cords. The singer’s shows scheduled in Japan (May 7th and 8th) and the Philippines (May 10th) have been canceled. “Very upset about Japan and Manilla. I’ve just left Australia and I’m on my way to the states to see a specialist to see what to do from there,” Smith wrote on Instagram. The Grammy-winner is headed to the US to seek treatment for his vocal injury.

Last week, Smith canceled the remaining dates of his Australia tour. “I am deeply saddened to tell my Australian fans that I have to cancel my Australian tour. I have been vocally exhausted for a while now. However, last night in Sydney I had a small hemorrhage on my vocal cords,” the singer stated. A doctor ordered Smith to take a break from singing, and at this juncture, it is uncertain when he will be able to return to the stage. The pop singer is scheduled to perform at The Hangout festival on May 15th, and he is also booked for a show in Las Vegas for the Rock in Rio event on May 16th. A few days ago, Smith revealed on social media that he hasn’t spoken in days, since he suffered damage to his vocal cords. The singer was hopeful he would be able to begin singing again really soon, but it appears Smith’s vocals are not improving.

Sam Smith’s remaining tour dates: Norwich (UK) on May 24th, Stockholm (Sweden) on June 4th, Brighton (UK) on June 7th, Bergen (Norway) on June 11th, Landgraaf (Netherlands) on June 12th and 14th, Paris (France) on June 17th and 18th, Rome (Italy) on June 21st, Seinajoki (Finland) on June 25th, Rotselaar (Belgium) on June 27th, Salle Des Princes (Monaco) on June 28th, Arras (France) on July 5th, Montreux (Switzerland) on July 7th, Locarno (Switzerland) on July 8th, Oeiras (Portugal) on July 11th, Louisville (KY) on July 17th and 19th, Charlotte (NC) on July 18th, Miami (FL) on July 20th, Tampa (FL) on July 21st, Raleigh (NC) on July 23rd, Columbia (MD) on July 24th, Cleveland (OH) on July 27th, Columbus (OH) on July 29th, St. Louis (MO) on July 30th, and Chicago (IL) on July 31st.

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