Saint Motel – My Type

In the video for “Just My Type” by Saint Motel we’re taken back to the 70’s and thrown into the midst of an awkward cocktail party. It opens to a news broadcast playing on a TV, the anchor smiling from a helicopter. The focus then pans out to reveal dapper men and women in suits and party dresses lounging as they look around the room and lock eyes in time with the music. One woman, who proves to be the life of the party, gets up to put on a record and begins dancing in the corner.
At first, it seems as though no one at the party knows one another, but once the mailwoman arrives and looks to the sky (making eye contact with the news anchor in the helicopter), it’s revealed that this world isn’t so big after all. As we realize that each character was connected all along, the narrative is switched to a first person perspective, and they begin swarming around it as if the viewer is irresistible. I guess we were their “type” after all!

Director / Editor: A/J Jackson
Producer: Charlie Corella
Director Of Photography: Mario Contini
Motion Graphics: Sam Winkler
Colorist: Jeremy Ian Thomas
Executive Producer: DJay Brawner
Production Company: Anthem Films