Sahara Beck – Pretender

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From Australia comes singer-songwriter Sahara Beck and her music video, “Pretender.” The video takes place in an empty house, where Beck is found sitting on the floor with a determined look on her face. Stop-motion footage of an apple, onion, corn and flower are also placed in the video. The breaking down of the objects’ layers is a metaphor. We peel an onion to find out if its core is either sweet or rotten, and we try to understand a person fully in order to discover that he/she is either conniving or sweet as caramel.  

Sahara Beck’s voice is as smooth as silk throughout. The folk and pop tunes blend together and accompany her vocals perfectly. It is safe to say that everyone has that “friend” who only comes around when he or she needs something. With a solid vocal delivery and sassy yet calm attitude, Beck warns her friend singing, “Bitch, don’t come to me in tears / I haven’t heard from you in years / Don’t you tell me that you miss me / You’re a great pretender.” Strings and percussion build up in the chorus. Beck sings “woah’s” while clones of her in different outfits wander around the room. This is an appropriate song to share with that “friend” of yours, because sometimes, you can’t fake it ’till you make it.

Video by Dylan Wiehahn