Sad Shelter Dog Can’t Stop Wagging His Tail After Day Out On Town

Sometimes all it takes for a dog to get a fresh start is knowing that people actually care. That’s exactly what happened to abused pitbull, Elmo. His story has a great ending even though it didn’t start off very well.

15. A Tough Start

Elmo the pitbull hasn’t had an easy life. In fact, he was an abused and neglected dog who ended up being sent to the pound after a worried neighbor called Animal Control. Both Elmo and his pal were just hanging out in the yard, emaciated.

14. KC Rescue Project

Thankfully, KC Rescue Project came to Elmo’s aid. They took him to their shelter and gave him love and care. However, after his tough start in life, he got very depressed.

13. No Hope

Elmo’s friend was adopted right away, but no one stepped up to take Elmo. He seemed to have no hope of being adopted, and the longer he stayed in the shelter, the more depressed he seemed to be.

12. A Lifeline

KC Rescue Project does an amazing job and they weren’t about to let Elmo suffer. They decided he needed a lifeline, so they decided to bring him to Furlough Day.

11. Furlough Day

The annual Furlough Day was designed to let dogs who live in shelters get out on the town. The dogs get to see the sights and sounds of Kansas City, stretch their legs, and even meet potential adopters.

10. A New Man

With just a little fresh air, Elmo transformed immediately. As soon as he got outside, his personality changed. He walked downtown with a smile plastered on his face.

9. Sightseeing

Linda Smith volunteered to take Elmo around Kansas City to see the historical sights. They hung out all day, visiting famous places and meeting up with people at a coffee shop.

8. Recess

Furlough Day was meant to give the dogs time to get their energy out and just play. Smith took Elmo to the Kansas City’s Penguin Park and he had the best time; he couldn’t stop himself from playing. Smith loved seeing his smile.

7. Having Fun

The KC Rescue Park later explained that what happened with Elmo was the reason they did Furlough Day.  “This is what Furlough is all about. Seeing great dogs like Elmo out enjoying our city,” KC Rescue Project wrote on Facebook. “Elmo had a blast meeting new people at Penguin Park.”

6. Volunteers

One of the things that makes Furlough Day so special is that families volunteer to take the dogs home with them for a fun sleepover. They get to hangout at home with humans, make new friends, play in the backyard, and snuggle on the couch. Then they enjoy the sights and sounds around Kansas City, like this cute pup.

5. A New Dog

Furlough’s impact lasted long after his day on the town. Elmo’s entire identity was different. From that day on, he was the smilingest dog at KC Rescue Project.

4. Elmo’s a Star

The Facebook post about Elmo became very popular, and soon Elmo was a star. Elmo’s smile made other people smile, and they were commenting on his pictures and telling all their friends.

3. A Matter of Trust

After his situation, Elmo had trouble trusting humans. But Furlough Day showed the dog that humans can care for dogs. After that day, Elmo had no trouble trusting humans again. In fact, he seemed to adore interacting with people.

2. A New Start

Finally, after attracting so much attention, Elmo found his forever home. A couple who saw the pup on Facebook fell in love with his happy face. They even drove five hours to bring him home.

  • A Fighting Chance
  • KC Rescue gives all animals a fighting chance. Its Furlough Day is one of the rescue’s most popular events. Lots of animals, like this adorable dog, find new homes when they are outside.