Sad Dog Finally Smiles Again After Rescuer Removes Heavy 2-Pound Chain Hanging Around Her Neck

A young dog was terrified, broken, and chained with two-pounds of metals. When she saw some friendly places in the neighborhood, she bravely asked them for help. That was when dog rescuers Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rebecca Callister sprang into action.

12. On a Mission

Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rebecca Callister were on a mission to rescue a dog and her three puppies in an east Texas neighborhood. But they got more than they bargained for when a lonely 1-year old dog with skinny legs and a metal chain around her neck suddenly appeared.

11. Massive Chain Around the Neck

Rescuing this dog wasn’t on their schedule but they weren’t about to turn her away. “This dog starts doing a belly-crawl toward us like she’s not sure if she wants to come to us or not,” Ysuhuaylas said. “She had this massive chain around her neck. She was … unsure of us and scared, and she was in poor condition. She was underweight.”

10. Sinister Owner

The rescue team figured the dog had to be a stray. Or maybe her old owner dumped her. But as they searched the neighborhood, they found the scary truth: the dog actually had an owner. And it was the same owner that was getting rid of the mama dog and her puppies!

9. Escaping the Neighborhood

In reality, the owners of the dogs couldn’t take care of them and didn’t really want to. The owner agreed to surrender the dogs to Ysuhuaylas and Callister. The two couldn’t wait to get the dogs to safety.

8. Removing the Chain

Once they got the dogs out of the neighborhood, Ysuhuaylas removed the heavy chain from the dog’s neck. She nicknamed her Dudette. The two pound chain was like a wrecking ball to the dog’s life.

7. Two-Pounds of Hell

“When you have it in your own hands, you realize that this chain really constricted her entire life,” Ysuhuaylas said. “It was so heavy and … and she had markings on her neck. I think she was a little bit less scared from that point on.”

6. Dangerous Parasites

Since it was late, Ysuhuaylas took Dudette and the others dogs to her house to spend the night. The next day they all went to the vet. The dogs all had coccidia, a dangerous parasitic infection that attacks a dog’s intestines. Thankfully, all the pups made it.

5. A Long Journey

Dudette then went into experienced foster care with New Life IFS Rescue.” Emotionally, she seems pretty broken,” Callister said. “It’s going to be a long road to have her come out of her shell. She’s very timid and very scared. She hides a lot. I can’t imagine what this dog has been through.”

4. Angel

Dudette’s official name is Angel. She gets better each day, since her caregivers decided to pair her with another dog named Coco. “Coco is very outgoing and not afraid of anything,” Kayla Wells, said founder of New Life IFS Rescue. “We placed them together because Angel is very shy and timid and afraid of people, and she is unsure of what love is or how to respond when someone is showing her love and affection.”

3. Learning to Love

As Wells explained “Coco is a great leader to teach her that people are sweet and she can trust them.” Angel is starting to heal and it helps that dogs are social animals. They learn how to react by watching each other.

2. Patience

Callister hopes that the family who adopts Angel will have plenty of patience. “She’s starting to realize now that she’s safe, but she still has a long way to go,” Callister said. “She’s going to take some work, and love and patience.”

1. Adoptable

This American Pit Bull Mix is now up for adoption. She is descried as “small and lean with a fantastic, loving personality. She is shy and submissive and takes a little bit to warm up, but once she does she just wants to be by your side and melt into you while you sleep or while you sit on the couch.” If you are interested in adopting contact IFS now!