S Club 7 Reunites for Charity Performance

S Club 7 members Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt, and Rachel Stevens have reunited to perform on BBC’s Children In Need this November 14th. Next month will be the first time the group has sung together in more than ten years.

The pop group first gained fame in 1998, after displaying their music talents on a BBC One television show called Miami 7. A year later, they released their theme song “Bring it All Back to You” as a single, and it quickly climbed to the top of the charts. Not too far behind the success of their single, the group released their debut album, S Club, which became the number two album in the UK. 

After member Paul Cattermole left the group in 2002, they only released one more album under the name “S Club.” After the release of their final album, members of the group all went off to do individual projects. Stevens pursued a solo career and ended up with 10 top singles. Spearritt began acting in television shows such as ITV’s Primeval and on stage in productions like Les Misérables and Jersey Boys

S Club 7 has not released any music since the early 2000s. One of the songs the band recorded back then was “Never Had a Dream Come True,” which is now the official single for the charity they have reunited for. They also recorded a second charity single “Have You Ever,” which topped the UK charts.

For the past six years, a shrunken version of the pop band has been performing in small venues across the UK. Members Cattermole, O’Meara and McIntosh, have reclaimed the spotlight as “S Club 3.”  The only member unaccounted for in recent years is Tina Barrett, who chose to stay out of the public eye.

With all seven members on the roster, S Club 7 will soon perform the charity’s songs as well as many of their own. “We’re really looking forward to bringing it all back for Pudsey, for BBC Children In Need and for all our fans that have been so great over the years,” they stated.