Ryan Vail – Grow

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A wonderful day at the beach isn’t enough to shake off the dread in this Grow music video by Ryan Vail. The first shot of the video focuses on literal elephants in the room, and that sets the tone for next few minutes. While the protagonist may seem to be having a wonderful day, the music suggests that some unknown affliction is eating at her. In the last shot the real elephant in the room is identified, causing the viewer to completely reassess what they have just watched.
The video never runs short of eye candy by utilizing the beautiful filming locations. The pacing of each location efficiently communicates the passage of time, effectively taking the viewer along for the crazy outdoor adventure. Even the indoor shots of people playing a game carry an immersive feeling to them. This makes the ending twist much more devastating, as the viewer has experienced the day with the main character without ever knowing the pain she carried.

Website: spiceburger.ie
Facebook: facebook.com/RyanVailMusic
Created by: Spiceburger