Ryan Lewis Asks About Ryan Lewis

Ryan LewisPhoto Courtesy of Youtube

People may love Macklemore with a passion but they seem to have less love for his creative other half, Ryan Lewis. Granted, Macklemore is the frontman with the flashier name and hairstyle but his 26 year old partner in crime should at least be respected enough to be recognized on the street, right?

Well, no. As was proven last night in this hysterical skit on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. The duo had previously performed on the show in December of 2012, cementing just how long each has been in the public eye. In order to test how less recognizable Ryan Lewis is he arranged for Ryan Lewis to question people on the street about Ryan Lewis while often times holding up photos of Ryan Lewis. The results are hysterical.

Keep in mind that Lewis interviews people in broad daylight and with no disguise. In the video, every individual responds to his coy questions without the faintest realization of who it is they are talking to. One lady tragically rates the attractiveness of Ryan Lews as “C+” though Lewis takes it in stride. At one point, a fan gets so worked up at the realization that Ryan Lewis mockingly taunts “You just got Lewis-ed! “ The video ends with a surprise guest who hilariously claims that he has “no idea” what Ryan Lewis does. Rather than spoil the surprise, check it out for yourself.

For those who don’t know (and evidently there are many) Ryan Lewis is the behind-the scenes producer, engineer, mixer, and recorder of all collaborations between him and Macklemore. He is also the director of the duo’s award winning music videos “Can’t Hold Us“, “Same Love“, and “Thrift Shop“. Despite being only 26 years old, Lewis has already racked up four Grammys, two American Music Awards, a BET Award, and a Billboard Music Award. The two met in 2006 via My Space and have since been close collaborators.

This skit is the latest in a long line of pranks from the duo. This past January, the two shocked a crowd of passengers by spontaneously performing “Can’t Hold Us” in a New York City Transit Bus.