Ryan Leslie: ‘MZRT’ Album Review

The incredible Ryan Leslie is back to break the annoying routine of music that sounds almost the same. He started out as an RnB singer but later along his musical journey, there was a transition to hip hop and Ryan became one of the most futuristic rappers of this generation. It is this transition that has brought us Ryan Leslie’s 6th Studio album titled “MZRT” which stands for “Magnificently Zealous Renegade Takeover.” This album is yet another significant landmark for Ryan Leslie as it presents music in an unequalled manner of presentation, content building and artistic musical slaying.

“MZRT” is a follow up of his 2013 Album titled “Black Mozart” which bore a lot of great music. “Black Mozart” was a follow up of the magnificent “Les Is More” his 2012 album and this is the album that put Ryan on the spot. “Les Is More” to date has some of Ryan’s greatest creations. It was an album that was well-crafted, well balanced and the sound was utterly a Ryan Leslie special as it’s one of the few Rap albums that sound completely dissimilar to the rest of the albums circulating the industry. The creativity that “Les Is More” presented was pure and perfect genius that is still yet to be rivalled.

Ryan Leslie has now returned with a brand new taste that gives you 12 new sounds. 12 incredible sounds from an artist that takes his time to prepare, package and deliver an album. “MZRT” features guest artists like the long lost Bobby V and the vocally amazing Jasmine V who accomplish impressive performances on the songs they feature on. Bobby V features on track number 7 titled “Sounds” and what he delivers leaves you lusting for a new Bobby V album (I hope he reads this and gives us one).

Jasmine V is on a song titled “Who Wears the Crown” and personally I think she was an excellent choice for this song. Her voice gives it a mighty feel that is well befitting for a song that talks about the mightily things that give Ryan Leslie the crown. She has always been such an impressive performer when it comes to how impeccably she leads with her astonishing voice.

“Blessed are those who hunger in thirst, for they will be filled, blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted, blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God,” this has got to be one of the most prospicience intros to an album ever. It prepares you mentally for some of the most artistically created songs in the game right now.

This album carries the diversity that we have come to know as the criterion for comparing all Ryan Leslie albums. It is packed with songs of different themes, messages and settings. 10 of the songs are unaccompanied as Ryan Leslie performs them alone. He has songs about love, songs about the hustle, and one thing that is a constant in his lyrics is his family. This goes to show that family is one of the things that motivate him and I have always been a strong believer that family is one of the truest sources of inspiration.

There is one thing though that only a staunch Ryan Leslie fan would understand – the direction he is taking with his music, how he elevates from one project to another and what makes him able to do this. Ryan Leslie being his own writer, a producer and a director of his own videos, he makes music that truly reflects on who he is as a person, what he believes in, what he hopes to inspire and put across in his music and most outstanding how he is such a versatile creator . The beats he creates are especially tailored to the message that the particular song is inspiring and therefore there is never a situation where his songs sound the same.

“MZRT” is a more diverse album from Ryan Leslie, it presents a wide range of topics and he takes you through his journey up to where he is now in the industry. This is an impressive album, which has music for everybody. Ryan Leslie remains as articulate as ever, the flows on all the 12 songs are a glorifying listen and the lyrics are always realistically and cleverly written.

The simplicity in “MZRT” is displayed right from the album cover to the production and delivery of every track on the album. However this should not mislead you into thinking that the album content is simple as well, this album boosts some of the most powerful songs to ever come from Ryan Leslie.

As a package, this is another well masterminded presentation from Ryan Leslie. It is still debatable whether it is his best album yet, but it certainly is his most well laid out album as it will inevitably appeal to you to either inspire you or give you hope that if you work hard, you will definitely achieve your dream. Ryan Leslie has shown the world that it is possible and it is up to you to chase the dream and make it real. I have followed his journey and he is one of the most revolutionizing minds of our generation.