Rum: Top 8 Unbelievable Health Benefits

Rum, like most alcoholic drinks, is a misunderstood and unsung hero. Sure, alcoholism is a rising problem and it had led to many deaths, broken families and illnesses. But anything is excess is bad. Taken in moderation, alcohol can be beneficial and rum is its very tasty kind. Rum is made from sugar cane juice or its by-product called molasses. When taken in moderation, you not only experience the beverage in a much better fashion than when taken in excess, but you also benefit from some health benefits. Below are eight of them.

Number Eight: It Prolongs Life

With moderate drinking of rum, one can prolong life. Life span can be increased by two to five years. This is pertaining to the many life threatening diseases that it can prevent.

Number Seven: Rum is Great For the Heart

It can combat peripheral artery diseases. Artery blockages can be restricted through its use and it can also act as a blood thinner. Rum also increases HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol and even heart attacks can be reduced through its consumption.

Number Six: It Fights Muscle Pain

Muscle pain, which is also known as intermittent claudication, can be alleviated through its consumption. But again, moderation is key.

Number Five: It prevents osteoporosis

It does so by increasing the mineral density of bones. That may also be beneficial in alleviating arthritis.

Number Four:  Rum Can Help Keep Away Common Cold

It can be consumed when a person is suffering from common cold due to its anti-microbial properties. It also creates a warming and soothing effect on the overall body.

Number Three: It Can Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

It can be quite good for the brain too. While it may prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it can also decrease the risk of getting dementia.

Number Two: Rum Reduces Anxiety

Even a single serving can lower one’s anxiety and can lead to a good night’s rest. A serving is about 1.5 ounces.

Number One: It can Prevent Cancer

Having it in moderation can reduce the risk of getting cancer. It can therefore, lead to longevity too.