Ruco – Dethaw

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Wander the twinkle-light bedazzled city with a gorgeous young woman in Ruco’s music video for her single “Dethaw.” The opening clip is this lady alone in a brightly painted, empty parking garage, earbuds in, singing along to the chorus of the song. The bare-bones effect instantly grabs you, as the viewer hears only her voice, echoing off the concrete pillars of the parking garage. A few silent beats later, the soft and slow R&B groove sets in, and Ruco’s heartfelt lyrics pull you in. Your eyes can’t help but follow her, as she meanders through the city at night, lit by thousands of twinkling lights, sparkling like diamonds behind her. She clutches her winter coat tighter around her, whether from the cold or the emotion felt in her words, or possibly both. She entreats her baby to “dethaw” his heart, to let her be his strength; perhaps she feels cold because of his frosty actions. Ruco’s warm, velvety voice is definitely the focal point of the track.

Music and Production by Red-T (
Lyrics by Ruco
Directed by Yusuke Oikawa (
Styling & Make Up by Tomoe Mine

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