Royal Blood Offer Information about New Album

In an interview at the Brit Awards, UK rock duo Royal Blood revealed that they have started working towards writing new material and plan to hit the recording studio once they have finished touring. The duo were there to collect the award for Best British Band.

Speaking to NME, drummer Ben Thatcher said that they had “definitely thought about the new album” and were working on some bits of new material. When probed on how much they had written, frontman and bassist Mike Kerr said, “It’s hard to say. No song just gets written and completed in one session. Things start emerging out of the ground and we have to prune things and find the fruits among the forest.” The duo further went on to say that they were excited about working on a new album and would start focusing on it once their upcoming tour dates have wrapped up.

The Brighton-based band recently made 4 B-sides available to listen for free on their official YouTube channel. The four tracks released were “Hole,” “You Want Me,” “Love and Leave It Alone” and “One Trick Pony.” The band urged their fans to check out the tracks through their Facebook account and offered additional information on which songs they were the b-sides for and how to order various versions. At the same time, the band announced new tour dates where they will be headlining additional shows in North America. The band, along with Iggy Pop, is also scheduled to support Foo Fighters during their 2015 UK and USA tour.

Royal Blood released their self-titled debut album to massive critical acclaim and commercial success last year. The album became the fastest selling debut album in the UK in 3 years and sold over 60,000 copies in the first week. The band has also found support from fellow musicians as rock luminaries like Jimmy Page and Dave Grohl have admitted to being fans of the band. Grohl has gone on record to say that he was happy to see a rock band topping the charts again, and that he enjoyed watching their live shows, whereas Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has said that their music is “fantastic and absolutely riveting” and “could take rock to a new realm.”

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