Roy Valentín – Esta Vez

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Roy Valentín hosts a lovely pool party for his music video Esta Vez (This Time). Here girls play around in a swimming pool that overlooks the beautiful town below. The video is more than just a bunch of pretty girls splashing around. It actually tells the all to familiar tale of being caught between childhood and adulthood. The main subject of the video definitely looks like a full-grown woman as she swims around and sunbathes, but when a younger girl playfully bites her on the leg she can’t help but retaliate in a childish way.
The video is cut rather well to Roy Valentín’s summer tune. Directors Elvira Blanco and Clarisa Quintero break up the monotony of splashing around in a pool with shots of the city and a few frames of color here and there. Thanks to these choices, the video becomes less like a home movie and more of an emotional experience the viewer can relate to. Everyone has had a summer day like this and chances are they’ll be daydreaming about it after this video.


Directed by: Elvira Blanco and Clarisa Quintero.
Produced by: IL Gimón, Elvira Blanco and Clarisa Quintero.
Edited by: Elvira Blanco and Clarisa Quintero.
Starring: Adriana Benítez Dotti, Valeria Hernández, Ivanna Chávez, Manuela Dos Santos, Rosaly Graterol, Claudia Lizardo.
The video was shot on December 21st, 2013 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Song written by: IL Gimón.
‘Esta Vez’ is featured in Roy Valentín’s album ‘Crónica’, released on Venezuelan record label, Entorno Doméstico. Download the whole album here