Ron Pope – Nothing

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Ron Pope’s music video for “Nothing” is the second single off of Calling Off The Dogs and utilizes animation to tell a story that follows a beautiful young woman who is suffering from heartache. The scene, the set, the characters are all made of paper cut outs. The image of the young woman, dressed in a gray t-shirt and blue jeans, changes shades when she moves, as if she has been crumpled up and smoothed back out again. She fidgets at home, adjusting the pillows on the bed, gazing out the window across the train town, until she finally slaps a photograph of two embracing lovers down on the table and makes her way outside to the windy street. When the music comes in full, a train appears chugging along the track, lining up perfectly in time with the song’s chorus. The girl tries to pick up a bike helmet but it crumples like paper in her hands. She tries to get on the bike, but it too crumples into a ball and blows away. She is left with nothing, while the train of time continues rushing along the tracks through town.

Duet performed by Ron Pope and Alexz Johnson
Produced and Directed by Gabello Studios
Special thanks to Carli Bybel for starring