Robin Thicke’s “Paula” Tops 10 Album Flops of 2014

Robin Thickes Paula Tops 10 Album Flops of 2014Courtesy of

Eight months in, we’ve seen plenty of massively successful albums in 2014 (Pharrell’s “Happy” for example). But what about the albums that crashed and burned? They deserve some recognition too. Here’s to the albums that were nothing short of epic failures in 2014. FDRMX gives you a list of the 10 biggest album flops of 2014 below, topped by Robin Thicke’s “Paula.”

Robin Thicke “Paula”
First week album sales: 24,000
Why it failed: To start, naming your album after your estranged wife probably isn’t the best idea. Maybe it was meant as a romantic gesture, but paired with Thicke’s actions on tour- consistently begging Paula take him back during live performances- it comes off as a desperate plea for forgiveness. It’s fine for a profound ‘I’m sorry’ gesture, but doesn’t make the most profitable of albums, especially stacked up next to last year’s massive hit “Blurred Lines.”

Jennifer Lopez “A.K.A.”
First week album sales: 33,000
As Lily Allen puts it “it’s hard out here for a b**ch,” especially when you’re a veteran pop star trying to make a comeback. It’s hard to impress a young audience with the same style you won audiences over with in the 90s and early 2000s. Music critics also slammed the album for its mixed styles, calling Lopez a “jack of all trades.”

Lea Michelle “Louder”
First week album sales: 62,171
This album may have failed because of the long wait, or may have failed because it didn’t take many risks and lacked a strong personality. First week sales were disappointing for the Broadway junkie and “Glee” star.

50 Cent “Animal Ambition”
First week sales: 47,000
This one may have bombed because of a lack of publicity. Did anyone else know 50 was releasing a new album? Luckily, 50 Cent always has his successful business ventures to fall back on when an album flops.

Candice Glover “Music Speaks”
First week album sales: 19,000
Candice glover won American Idol in 2013. Her debut R&B album, issued mid-way through the 2014 season, suffered the lowest 1st week sales of any previous American Idol winners. Unfortunate, but it goes to show that popularity on television doesn’t really translate into album sales.

Tessane Chin “Count My Love”
First week album sales: 7,000
Much like American Idol winner Candice Glover, Tessane Chin’s debut shows how winning a television competition like the “The Voice” doesn’t translate into real success or sales figures.

Ashanti “Braveheart”
First week album sales: 28,000
The first single off of “Braveheart” came out 3 years ago in 2011, and the wait for the remainder was way too drawn out. The album itself was forgettable and uninspired.

Mary J. Blige “Think Like A Man Too”
First week album sales: 8,688
This one was meant to serve as a soundtrack to the film Think Like A Man Too. Needless to say, it was a superfluous album, especially since the Queen’s music was barely featured in the film. Blige is better off making albums that highlight her voice and range as an artist, rather than tagging along to a movie soundtrack.

Austin Malone “The Secret EP”
First week album sales:  46,000
We had never heard of this kid, but he’s described as the second coming of Justin Beiber (he’s otherwise known for this ever-present Aquafina commercial). He has a solid teen fanbase, but still hasn’t reached star levels, or adequate album sales. Maybe the general public is growing weary of teen pop stars.