Robin Bacior – Ohio

The mirrors of the dance studio in the beginning of “Ohio” by Robin Bacior look like they are moving, which creates a sense of disease right off the bat. Because the mirrors overlap and don’t line up perfectly, the image of the dancer is fractured, which is disorienting, and coupled with the almost whining vocals of the song, it is almost unpleasant. Eventually, the image splits into even more frames, but they become more cohesive; you see the entirety of the dancer in every frame, some standing, some crouched down, some curled up – as if they are different facets of her character. Then, they all come together until one frame contains the dancer and the rest are her surroundings, as if see had been in conflict with herself, but had made amends and accepted all of the parts of her. An interesting, introspective piece on the different faces people have that they show different people.

Directed by Alex Fischer and Ellis Bahl
Produced by Earth vs Space
Choreography by Kristina Donello
Dancer: Meredith Blouin
“Ohio” is the lead single off of Robin Bacior’s upcoming debut full-length, Rest Our Wings. Out 11/1/11.