Rob Cantor Strikes a Chord with 30 Impressions

Rob CantorPhoto Courtesy of Youtube

Want to see the most impressive thing ever? Then check our Rob Cantor’s newest song “Perfect” in which he uncannily channels 30 different celebrities. From Randy Newman to Kermit the Frog to Shakira (really!) Cantor nails each impression and makes you question exactly where this person has been all your life. The answer: right in front of you all along.

Rob Cantor is a pretty prolific filmmaker, having contributed two stellar videos to FDRMX already (below). As great as those efforts are, this newest upload shows the incredible vocal ability that he’s been holding out on us. Each of his thirty impressions is incredible though his very best are when he takes on female singers, with special kudos to his Billie Holiday.

Cantor and his piano playing buddy Andrew Horowitz make up two fifths of the indie rock band and internet TV hosts Tally Hall. For those more familiar with the band, Cantor is the guitarist with the yellow tie and Horowitz is the keyboardist with the green one. Both started the band while attending the University of Michigan and both have led impressive careers despite their band commitments. Recently, John Legend recruited Horowitz’s piano skills for the album Love in the Future.

If there’s a complaint to be had, it’s that the video was released on YouTube where it’s been the subject to some cruel (and idiotic) commenting. Trolls are part of the territory when it comes to YouTube but some of the things said are enough to jar you out of the good mood this song puts you in. Just check out the video here and try not to get drowned in the negativity.

If you like what you see be sure to follow Rob Cantor and Tally Hall on their respective Facebook Pages and websites. Tally Hall has been gaining appeal for a while, but something tells us that this video is about to skyrocket their popularity.

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