Rivver (ft. Milk & Bone) – Am I OK

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Rivver, in collaboration with Milk & Bone, has just come out with a new music video for their song “Am I Ok“. The video tells the story of a young romance in the streets of Turin, Italy. The whole thing is beautifully shot and put-together. It is hard to believe these artists are so young. They certainly make beautiful characters in this story, and overall I think the collaboration was a fruitful one. Turin is also a lovely little town, so it’s probably difficult not to produce stunning cinematography while filming there. Who wouldn’t want to shoot a music video in Italy! Rivver is Frank Garrett, electronic music producer from Montreal, Canada, and Milk & Bone are an electronic-pop duo from the same town. They all met in music school. It’s enough to raise your impressions of Canada, because sometimes the stereotypes are none-to-kind. However, this song is simple and beautiful. It is in many ways a typical electronic track, but it also gains points because it is so sophisticated and elegant. In fact, we had to listen a few times in order to get the right idea. The formula for the song is pretty straightforward, but the effect is totally mature, and just a little bit minimal, which I love. I don’t know what the names of either band are in reference to, but the more I think about them, the more I like them. Rivver sounds like something mechanical, while Milk& Bone reminds me of the fragility of the human body. Then, something about all of these things combining together just makes sense. The musicians have stated about their work that it explores relationships a lot. We look forward to seeing future projects from all of these young Canadians.

Music by: Rivver (Frank Garrett) and Milk & Bone (Camille Poliquin, Laurence Lafond-Beaulne)
Video by: Jérémy Comte